Fingolimod hydrochloride C19H34ClNO2 structure

C19H34ClNO2 structure
Molecular Formula C19H34ClNO2
Average mass 343.932 Da
Boiling Point
Flash Point
Molar Refractivity
Surface Tension
Molar Volume
  • Experimental Physico-chemical Properties
  • Miscellaneous
    • Safety:

      5 Axon Medchem 1485
      H303;H313;H317;H333;H334;H335;H373 Axon Medchem 1485
      IRRITANT Matrix Scientific 092073
      no pictogram Axon Medchem 1485
      P101;P102;P103;P260;P262;P263;P264;P270;P280;P304;P312;P340 Axon Medchem 1485
      P261; P262 Biosynth Q-101363
      Warning Axon Medchem 1485
    • Target Organs:

      S1P Receptor antagonist TargetMol T2539
    • Drug Status:

      approved BIONET-Key Organics KS-1172
    • Bio Activity:

      Fingolimod Hcl (FTY720) is a S1P antagonist with IC50 of 0.033 nM.; IC50 value: 0.033 nM; Target: S1P; in vitro: The inhibitory effect of S1P is revered by various concentrations of FTY720, with IC50 effect of 173 nM. MedChem Express HY-12005
      GPCR/G protein MedChem Express HY-12005
      GPCR/G Protein TargetMol T2539
      GPCR/G protein; MedChem Express HY-12005
      LPL Receptor MedChem Express HY-12005
      Potent S1P receptor agonist; also immunosuppresent Tocris Bioscience 6176
      S1P receptor TargetMol T2539
      S1P receptor agonist; undergoes phosphorylation by sphingosine kinase 2, which then binds S1P1,3,4 and 5 receptors (EC50 values are 0.3 – 0.6 nM for S1P1, 4 and 5 and ~3 nM for S1P3). Immunosuppresent; sequesters lymphocytes in lymph nodes, reducing autoimmune response. Suppresses the development of EAE (an in vivo model of MS). Orally bioavailable and blood-brain barrier permeable. Tocris Bioscience 6176

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