HazMat 1 first year stuff

What is the molecular weight of air?
What does CAS stand for?
Chemical Abstract Service
What are the most common methods of measuring Vapor Pressure?
Millimeters of Mercury (mmHg), Pouns per square inch (PSI), Atmospheres (atm), Millibars (mb)
What is common temperature (in Fahrenheit) all laboratory experiments and most standards are set at?
68 degrees F
At a vapor pressure above what mmHg are materials considered to be an inhalation hazard?
Any materials above 40 mmHg.
What is the vapor pressure of water?
25 mmHg
What is the vapor density of air?
The NIOSH guide lists vapor density under another name, what is it?
Relative gas density (RgasD)
What is the molecular weight of air?
What are the 10 gases that air lighter than air?
DAMN 3H CAE (Cows ate everything: DiBorane, Acetylene, Methane, Neon, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Cyanide, Helium, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Ethylene
Generally how long is the lag for a diffusion sensor?
15-30 seconds
How many ppm is 1% of the atmosphere?
10,000 ppm
At 0 degrees C, what is the temperature in Kelvin?
-273 degrees Kelvin
At What temperature does a flammable liquid become a combustible liquid?
When the liquid ignites above 141 degrees F
What is the weight of Water?
8.33 lbs.
Who sets training and equipment standards for HM first responders?
OSHA…OSHA Title 29 CFR 1910
Which mode of material transportation is MOST regulated in HM?
What physical state is of most concern for responders?
Aside from physical state what factors are of most concern for responders?
Material and quantity
What is non-pressure/atmospheric tank pressure?
<.5 psi
What is pressure tanks (low pressure) tanks held to?
Low = .5 to 15 psi, Pressure tanks are >15 psi
What is cryogenic tank pressure?
Vary in pressure, but some can be as high as >300 psi
What is a MC 306/406?
Non-pressure tank truck,elliptical in shape.
What is a MC 307/407?
Low pressure CHEMICAL tank truck, circular in shape
What is a MC 312/412?
What is a MC 331
High pressure tank truck. Above 100 psi. Rounded ends.
What is a MC 338?
Cryogenic liquid tank truck. Pressure <22 psi. Valves enclosed in a shed in read
What pressures are in a cylinder/tube trailer?
Pressures between 3000 and 5000 psi.
What pressures are in a dry bulk cargo tank?
Less than 22 psi. Bottom valves.
An Orange placard would indicate?
A yellow placard would indicate?
A red placard would indicate?
A white placard would indicate?
Health hazard
A Blue placard would indicate?
Water reactive
A green placard would indicate?
Non-flammable gas
NFPA 704 yellow square means?
NFPA 704 red square means?
NFPA 704 Blue square means?
NFPA 704 white square means?
Special hazards
In piping system color coding, Yellow means?
High hazard materials
In piping system color coding, Green means?
Low hazard LIQUIDS
In piping system color coding, Blue means?
Low hazard GASES
In piping system color coding, red means?
Fire suppresion
What pH is an acid?
0-6. A comes before B on the scale. Acids come before bases
What pH is OK to dispose of at a scene?
anything with a pH between 5 and 9.
A drop of 0.1% on the oxygen meter would denote a presence of how many ppm of something else?
5000 ppm

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