Tylenol( acetaminophen)
max dose: 15mg/kg/dose with the minimum of 5 doses of in 24 hr
Side efect:Liver toxicity, increased risk of asthma
nursing implication: assess for OTC usage prior to administration, and assess for pain or fever
vancomycin for osteomyelitis
PO 40mg/kg/day divided q6h 9 max dose is 2g/day
side effect- fever, skin rash, nausea, superinfection, severe pain
nursing implication:
administer medication as prescribed.
monitor CV status and lab value.
Topical benzoyl peroxide
once or twice a day.
side effect- rash, itching, irritation
nursing implication-his medication may make you more sensitive to the sun. educate to avoid prolonged sun exposure, tanning booths, and sunlamps. educate pt to use a sunscreen and wear protective clothing when outdoors.
Erythromycin for severe acne
PO 30-50mg/kg/day divided dose of q6h
side effect-N/V/D abd cramp, erythema, dryness, tinnitus etc
nursing implication-
– report onset of GI symptoms
-monitor for adverse reaction.
– administer the medication as directed.
Prednisone for Multiple Sclerosis
PO- 0.1-0.15 mg/kg/day in single or divided dose
side effect – headache, insomnia, N/V,psychosis, edema
nursing implication-
monitor I&O, wt, Monitor adverse reaction, lab value, and monitor for withdrawal symptoms.
Gabepentin for epilepsy
PO – start 10-15mg/kg/day in 3 divided dose; titrate q3days to target dose of 40 mg/kg/day in 3- 4 yrs or 25- 35mg/kg/day in pt with 5year old.
side effect: drowsiness, fatigue, wt gain, blurred vision
nursing implication-
monitor for adverse reaction; monitor for changes in behavior, administer medication as prescribed by physician
ZANTAC( ranitidine hydrochloride)
PO – 4-5mg/kg/day in 3 divided doses max 300mg/kg/day
side effect: headache, insomnia, vertigo,hypersensitivity reaction
nursing implication:
effervescent tab should not be chewed, swallowed wholeor dissolve on tongue.
monitor for adverse reaction and reported it to primsry care provider.
LOPERAMIDE ( immodium)
PO- 2-6 y 1mgtid; 6-8y 2mg bid; 8-12 y 2mg tid.
side effect: hypersensitivity, fever, drowsiness, dizziness, abd discomfort or pain
Nursing implication:
discontinue if there is no improvement after 48 h of therapy; monitor adverse reaction; take this med as prescribed.
1 gtt in affected eye tid for 7 days
side effect: dizziness, headache, n/d/v, abd pain
nursing implication:
administer medication as prescribed by physicians, never increase or decrease dose. Avoid engaging in hazardous activities until reaction of this drug is known.
benedryl ( to treat symptoms of chicken pox such as itching)
PO- 2-6 y 6.25mg q4-6 hrmax 300mg/kg/day
side effect: give with fod to reduce GI upset,
supervise ambulation, fall precaution required because of side effect of this drug, monitor for side effect.

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