Chemistry Ia Essay

Background Inform There are usually 2 electrolytes used containing spectator metal ions. A salt bridge is used to connect the 2 electrolytes in order to enable the transfer of ions. Circuit is connected from electrode to electrode for mobile electrons to pass through. A galvanometer is always used to detect the electron flow of voltaic cell. The deflection of galvanometer indicates the electron flow of circuit.

Electrolyte that has visible color change is always selected. Copper (II) Ion is one of the examples. The presence of such ion will eventually increase the blue intensity of the electrolyte if the concentration of such metal is higher than other metal. Throughout the mechanism of voltaic cell, redo reaction is occurred. The redo reaction gives rise to 2 different half equations. The metal that is placed higher in the electrochemical series is the reducing agent, hence causing electron to loss. This electrode acts as an anode.

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Conversely, metal that is placed lower in the electrochemical series is the cathode and acts as an electron acceptor. Presence of different variables: Independent variables: Different pair of teals as electrodes Pairs of metals Magnesium and Silver metal Iron and Silver metal Zinc and Silver metal Lead and Silver metal Copper and Silver metal Electrolyte used Magnesium Nitrate and Silver Nitrate solution Iron Nitrate and Silver Nitrate Solution. Magnesium Nitrate and Copper (II) Nitrate solution.

Iron Nitrate and Copper (II) Nitrate solution Copper (II) Nitrate and Silver Nitrate solution. Dependent variable: The voltage across the galvanometer for each metal pair Controlled Variable: 1) Temperature and pressure of the electrolyte- Electrolytes are kept at room temperature and pressure. 2) Volume of electrolytes- 50 cam of electrolyte is used for all anode and cathode compartments. 3) Concentration of the electrolytes- Electrolytes solutions are all 1. MM 4) Surface Area of the electrodes were always maintain at 3 CM x 6 CM.


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