Duties While In A Lab

(3) Food beverages, chewing gum, cosmetics, and smoking are NEVER allowed in the lab. (4) NEVER taste chemicals or touch them with your bare hands. Also, keep your hands away from your face and mouth while working, even if you are wearing gloves. (5) Use a sparkler to light a Bunsen burner. Do not use matches. Be sure that all gas valves are turned off and that all hot plates are turned off and unplugged when you leave the lab. (6) Be careful with hot plates, Bunsen burners, and other heat sources. Keep your body and clothing away from flames. Do not touch a hot plate after it has just been turned off. It is probably hotter than you think. The same is true of glassware, crucibles, and other things after you remove them from a hot plate, drying oven, or the flame of a Bunsen burner.

(7) Do not use electrical equipment with frayed or twisted cords or wires. (8) Do not let electrical cords dangle from work stations; dangling cords can cause tripping or electrical shocks. The area under and around electrical equipment should be dry; cords should not lie in puddles of spilled liquid. (8) For all chemicals, take only what you need. If you happen to take too much, DO NOT put it back in the bottle. If somebody accidentally puts a chemical into the wrong bottle, the next person to use it will have a contaminated sample. (9) Horseplay and fooling around in the lab are very dangerous!

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