Rate of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in presence

This Is because enzymes are proteins, and all proteins are destroyed by heat. When a protein has been destructed by heat it is called denaturation. Most enzymes work best in neutral conditions (conditions that are neither acidic nor alkaline). Enzymes work by reducing the activation energy, they can catalyze around 4000 biochemical reactions (Wikipedia). After having made some research on enzymes and their reaction processes, I think that as the temperature of hydrogen peroxide Increases, the volume of gas will Increase faster.

This Is because with a higher temperature the reaction Is faster. Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless clear liquid also known as the simplest peroxide, because it is composed only of one oxygen-oxygen bond (Wikipedia). A catalyst is a substance, which doesn’t change itself while accelerating a chemical reaction (Wikipedia). Catalase breaks down H202: H202 Catalase Variables: 2H202 +02 (Class notes) Independent variable: Temperature Dependent variable: Rate of 02 release Control variable Nhy is it controlled How is it controlled Iolume of H202

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If amount of H202 is changed then different amounts of 02 will be collected. It will be a fair test. A fixed volume of 30cm3 of H202 will be used. Liver mass rhe liver mass has to be always the same/ similar at least until the first number after the comma. Otherwise the results of the different trials can’t be compared. The same/ a similar liver mass is possible to get by remembering the weight of the first one and trying to cut the next piece of liver with the same/ a similar mass. Maintaining each trial the same temperature Nith a higher temperature you have a faster reaction.


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